“Don’t be a turkey, try some free jerky.”

Interesting tidbit I got from the TV show ‘Crowd Control’ when it comes to persuasive selling.

They highlighted three different tactics:

  1. Reciprocity – doing something for others imply they need to do something in return. Highlight the word ‘FREE’ when giving out samples.
  2. Making the first move – there’s a higher likelihood of closing the sale when the salesperson does the first move.
  3. Fun with rhymes – people are more likely to process the message when it’s been broken down, and rhymes are a fun way to tap into that recognition process.

One step at a time

I’ve started reading a book that was given to us as a gift by Professor Newman–the professor that I consider to be the best one I had at the program. The book is entitled Just Start – Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future (image links to Harvard Business Review Press):


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