My thoughts on resumes

Over the course of the program I’ve met folks with different views on one of the most useful (or dreaded) tools in searching for jobs: the resume. Some these types of people include:

  • Those who simply don’t use it (my entrepreneurship professor)
  • Those who inject it with keywords (the career adviser)
  • Those who prefer infographics (the marketing professor)
  • Those who want to stand out (LinkedIn influencers like Liz Ryan)

Through the process, I learned that there are various kinds of resumes you can use at your disposal (i.e. Skills-based versus Experience-based), and each one is suited for a specific purpose (e.g. keyword-injected for job boards/recruiters, infographic/human voice for those passed on through networks).

In the end, the value of the journey lies in its ability to make you a learn more about yourself–from your areas of strengths (or weakness), your workplace values, and the diversity of your own experience.

Since I share the same perspective as my marketing professor when it comes to the subject matter, and because I think I’ve been given the talent in PowerPoint and DataViz to deliver, I decided to take a stab at it:


Let me know what you think. For folks not as adept/confident in PowerPoint, here’s an alternative.


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